• Diluvium Mortis

    Diluvium Mortis is a heavy metal action piece that can be used in sports promos or any place where heavy metal action music is needed.

    In May of 2014 there was a torrential rain storm and I had to bail water out of the sump well all night to keep the basement from flooding as our three pumps couldn’t pump the water out fast enough. It was during that time I came up with the ideas for this track.

    Fast forward a couple years later, much to my surprise, this track got a placement in the 2016 Rio-Olympics coverage in more than 30 episodes! BAM!

    The video will take you through the creative process and show you how I made this track by recording six layers of guitar with my Gibson Les Paul as well as sampling some sounds from the guitar and adding them to the tracks. I also included a rippin’ solo that’s more than real and semi-entertaining.


    If you would like to listen to the entire track, click here: Diluvium-mortis

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