Featured Students


  • Erin
    7, after eight lessons, learning guitar once per month
  • Louis Fox
    8, started lessons at the age of seven
  • Caleb
    16, learning classical guitar and demonstrates his skill on his favorite rock tunes
  • Dillon Taylor
    20, Professional Guitarist (4 videos)
  • Sylvia
    web cam student.
  • Scott Dotterer
    16, ACDC “You Shook Me” solo
  • Sabrina Carpenter
    10, amazing performance! (2 videos)
  • Mike Manning
    17, Playing “Wonderwall” by Oasis.
  • Ryan Schulberger
    14, rockin’ to one of his favorites!
  • Karley,
    10, strumming the chords to Monster Mash!
  • Kyle,
    13, within a year playing classical guitar and his favorite rock tunes.
  • Cody Hunsberger
    12, plays “Classical Gas” and study in A minor by Carcassi (2 videos)

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