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    Funupdum mixer board

    Funupdum mixer board

    I was thrilled with getting my first placement in October of 2014 within five months of submitting my first batch of tracks to IndigMusic. So I quickly got back to reality, producing tracks with the hopes of one day getting more placements and it was year to the day later, in early October of 2015, I got a message at the end of the day informing me of another placement. A sneaky, quirky, urban track titled “Funupdum” was placed in an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which is a good thing because it’s a show that has a lot of repeats. Once again I was thrilled with the news and had the hopeful thought that maybe one day this could be a regular occurrence. So I went to bed, woke up early the next day as usual, checked my email and had another message of four more tracks getting placements! I’ll leave those for another blog.

    So what’s a sneaky quirky urban? It’s a quirky that sounds sneaky with Hip hop sounding drums. The characteristic sound of this genre is pizzicato strings and marimbas, a style of music that is lighthearted, playful but not intrusive; it can sit in the background of scene and make a silly, playful atmosphere and you may never notice it …but you’ll probably notice it more now.

    I remember working on this track, I struck an idea that made me laugh and when I finished I was thinking “man, it would really be cool if this one got a placement.” Well, as of this writing “Funupdum” has eight placements. It got placed in an episode of MTV’s True Life and is in seven different episodes of the Kardashian show. This was something else I had hoped for, a track that could have multiple placements.

    Check out the video if you would like to get some insight into how I developed the idea for “Funupdum.” You’ll see it’s a very simple idea.

    Here’s a link to the entire track if you would like to listen:


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