• Ninesion

    Ampity FX“Ninesion” is the title of the first track I got placed. It got placed in a new MTV docu-series called “One Bad Choice”. I was really surprised because it was only five months after I started producing for Indigi Music and it was in the second batch of ten tracks I submitted that I made specifically for the category “urban/orchestral hybrid –tension- all tempos”. Realistically, I didn’t think I would begin to get any placements until this year, 2016.

    It’s based on a very simple two note idea that builds throughout the track for a total time of 3:27. Starting with a synth bass instrument, I added drums for the urban sound, sampled electric guitars, steel pans and strings. Most of the instruments are running through an FX chain which makes this track have a dark and foreboding sound.

    Check out the video if you want to see more about the creative process.

    Here’s the link to hear the entire track.



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