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    I found out that my music got placed in the programing for the Olympic Games in Rio! This is a project I started in March of this year when I saw posted on the Indigi page saying they were gearing up for the Olympics and they would like to have a mixture of Samba, Bossa Nova instrumentals and some tear jerkers, to submit when the time comes.

    I took a little time to think about it because although I’m really familiar with the Samba and Bossa Nova genre,  I was already in a groove with producing tracks that often place in some popular shows and I’ve been successful in hitting that target, so I didn’t want to break my pace by focusing on a target that would only be for a bi-annual event two weeks out of the year. Also, considering the competition of possibly thousands of tracks being submitted from other sources for the same event would statistically make it more difficult to get a placement.

    But since the deadline was at the end of April I thought I could use the two month time frame as an opportunity to take a break away from the genres that I’ve been focused on, generate some new ideas by doing ten tracks and then return to the regular routine that I’ve been doing well with. Shortly after I got started the deadline was extended to the end of May so I upped my track goal to 20 and by the deadline I had 21 tracks.

    I don’t know what track or tracks got placed or how or when they were used; I didn’t even watch the games. I didn’t even think I got a placement since the games were coming to a close and I didn’t hear anything. When I find out (it could be 6 – 12 months from now, but I kind of like the suspense), I’ll post some videos about the tracks.

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