Video Review

If you would like professional advice and specific instruction to help you improve your skills, submit a video of yourself playing and I will give you a specific detailed critique concerning your technique and solutions for improvement via email or phone if you are in the US.

This service cost $50.00 US.


  1. You may submit up to 3 videos, each video should be no longer than 5 minutes to minimize file size and provide a full front view of your current posture and habits.
  2. Play something you are familiar with and something you are currently working on even if it’s a new technique (s) your trying to learn. Don’t worry about little mistakes or trying to play perfect, just play so I can see and hear exactly where you’re at.
  3. You can upload the videos to YouTube, Photo-bucket or any other online source and send me a link if you wish or send it via email file attachment.
  4. Please email me if you have any questions before you buy this service.

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