• Taking Lessons Online, Pt. 2

    online“Why would any body want to do web cam lessons, can’t you just find a teacher close by?” you may be asking.  That’s a question that often comes up and the answer quite simply is “no,” sometimes you can’t find a teacher close to home or maybe you did but things just didn’t work out between the student and the teacher, maybe the teacher just didn’t have experience or wasn’t patient and got easily frustrated.

    I’ve found over many years of teaching that there are a lot of people who are guitar teachers but they just don’t know how to teach. They may be good guitarists so they get into teaching figuring it will be an easy way to make some extra money.  All they have to do is just show somebody what to do then presto, the student automatically learns…and therein lays the frustration. Teaching is different than just playing the guitar, showing somebody something and expecting results. A teacher needs to have realistic expectations, patience, knowledge and experience.  The ability to take the student step by step so the learning process can be made an enjoyable experience is what teaching is all about.

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