• Totally Randomworks


    Totally Randomworks is a tune that I made from some random notes that one of my students played. The way it went was I tuned his guitar and handed it back to him and he just ripped out six notes and I jokingly said, “What is that? Did you just make that up?” He said “I don’t know it’s just some random notes.” So I continued to have fun with it and told him how I can take those notes and make a whole tune out of them and that’s what I did.

    I always liked the sound of the instrumental surf music from the 60’s and that’s kind of where the idea started to go after I made a rhythm for the random notes. But then the creative process being what it is, along with technology I was able to push the boundaries and take this random idea through some random twists and turns and give it a modern edge.

    Listen here.

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