• Hybridish

    “Hybridish” is another track that got placed as part of the 2016 Rio Olympic coverage. It was an international placement in an episode of ALIANZA DE FUTBOL-LOGRA TU SUENO 2016. I have no idea what that show is but from the website it appears to be soccer coverage. What’s really cool is that I produced the track in February of 2015 when the games were never a part of anything I was planning so you never know when or where tracks could end up being placed.

    “Hybridish” is a Techno, Rock hybrid that still maintains a bit of a retro sound. I started with a basic rock chord progression that I made up after tuning a student’s guitar and it happened during a time when I was doing a string of rocking, sports promo type tracks; I like when inspiration hits that way. I used all sampled guitars for this and once I had my basic sound established I experimented with some synth shots to give it a more electronic current sound. Well, saying it that way makes it sound like synth shots are something you’re not allowed to do until you’re at least 21, so if you want to find out what synth shots are, check out the video.

    If you would like to listen to the entire track, click here:

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