• Learning to Play Using Popular Songs

    barchordAs a teacher, I like to use songs as a method for learning. Some of the most popular songs are the simplest and easiest to play. The song “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line uses only four chords with a very simple two measure rhythm. If you’re a beginner and the chords are too difficult you can simplify the chords and focus more on the technique of strumming the rhythm. Below is a short tutorial video where I explain and show in detail how change chords and strum for this song.


    Here on my website, at  http://edkihm.com/subscribe, there’s a video course called The Complete Basic Rhythm Course containing detailed video instruction which you can go through at your own pace. Whether you’re a beginner or if you have some experience and you’re looking to improve on your skills you’ll find it useful and practical for learning how to play your favorite songs.

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